LD Transportation Services

General Information

LD Transportation Services, LLC is a growing company located in central Birmingham, Alabama. Established in 1996 by LD Shaneyfelt, d/b/a LD Trucking Co. as a hotshot service, the company is now comprised of a small fleet of  OTR Condominium Freightliner tractors and more than  60 trailers- both flatbed and dry box vans primarily servicing the southeastern and mid south-west  regions of the US. 

In the next few years, the company expanded to include several different facets of the transportation industry such as:

  • Trucking Roadside Service
  • Warehousing and storage services
  • Freight Brokerage Services
  • Hostler services for local businesses
  • Trailer repair for contract carriers
  • Specialized pallet construction

LD Transportation Services, LLC is the umbrella under which LD Trucking Co, LD Brokerage Services, LD Trucking Roadside Service, LD Storage and Warehousing, LD Hostler Services and LD Trailer Repair operate.

Profile Information

Locale:     Birmingham, AL


                    Trucks - Freightliner (Condos)

                    Trailers - Dry box vans, Flatbeds, Drop-deck (low-boy) 

MC Number (s): 

                    Trucking - 316276-C

                    Brokerage - 433247-B

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